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We transported our internal chef, researched, and checked loads of stoves to aid cut through the mess as well as share our preferred backpacking ovens offered today. We have taken 48,213 testimonials in factor to consider in selecting the most effective available stove countertop gap in the market. Allow us have a look.

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Linda's Essentials Silicone Stove Gap Covers (2 Pack), Heat Resistant Oven Gap Filler Seals Gaps Between Stovetop and Counter, Easy to Clean (21 Inches, Black)

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  • ✔️ COVER THAT GAP - America’s best-selling stove gap covers help you say goodbye to that hard to clean gunk and debris that gets stuck in the gap between your stove and countertop, or any other appliances in your household
  • ✔️ HEAT RESISTANT - Put your safety first and mind at ease with our top-rated, superior quality gap covers. With our 2021 newly improved and upgraded food-grade silicone material, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing quality, unlike the outdated and unsafe alternatives available
  • ✔️ SIMPLE TO INSTALL - Our universal 21 inch gap covers sit perfectly in place on all stovetops. The non-slip flexible silicone conforms to your stove and counter surfaces and adapts to any uneven spaces. Easily customize to your stove by cutting to size using scissors
  • ✔️ EASY TO CLEAN - Our matte black anti-dust and smudge resistant design makes us unrivalled in the market, allowing you to keep your gap cover clean and stain free. Our stove gap fillers are dishwasher safe and easy to wipe clean using a damp cloth
  • ✔️ THE ONLY GAP COVER YOU WILL EVER NEED - We are so confident you will love our gap covers that if you do have any issues, you can reach out to us and we will provide you with a new set immediately, or alternatively, a hassle free full refund

KindGa Stove Gap Covers, Silicone Counter Gap Filler for Stove, 30 Inches Can Be Cut to Any Size for 4-25mm Gap, Seal Spills between Appliances Countertop Furniture Stoves Ovens(Set of 2, Black)

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  • NO MOVE & STURDY: KindGa stove counter gap cover upgrade the insert tab to 0.8 inches and much thicker(around 10oz heavy of 2pcs) so help tight fit in place and don’t move easy when you daily clean
  • EXTRA LONG SIZE & EASY TO CUT: The new version stove gap cover is more than 30 inches long. The flexible silicone gap cover can be easy to cut any size so that one size fit 21&25 inches stove and counter, appliance space, fridge desk appliance oven gap
  • STREAMLINE DESIGN: KindGa range gap filler is designed perfect wide 1.5 inches and Fit to 0.16-1 inch gap. The new version range gap filler is very fit your kitchen counter space aesthetic because it is not too wide to took up too much space on countertop
  • EASY TO CLEAN & DISHWASHER SAFE: These silicone gap covers are dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned in as little as 1 minutes with a damp cloth. Keep the Stovetop cleaning, saving you time and minimizing cleaning efforts
  • SATISFACTION CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our gap filler is made of 100% premium food grade silicone. This silicone counter gap cover is heat resistant and durable. If there is any quality issue about the product, you can apply 100% refund after return them back within 30 days

Kitchen stove countertop gap covers, 25 inch Long & Extra Wide Silicone stove gap covers Filler Range Strips 2pcs, Oven counter gap protector between counter and stove Gap stove crack Guards Clear

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  • COVER & SEAL THE GAP BETWEEN YOUR STOVE AND KITCHEN COUNTER – the new designed anti-static non-tacky top surface is matte black (not shiny). It is fingerprint and smudge resistant and does not collect dust which helps in keeping the cover clean and stain free. The back side is shiny non-slip (tacky) which keep the cover tight in place.helps you say goodbye to that hard to clean gunk and debris that gets stuck in the gap between the stove and the counter.
  • EASY INSTALL GUARANTEED – Our Gap Covers are 25" long x 2.25" wide, and will sit perfectly in place on all stoves. The non-slip flexible silicone gap cover conforms to stove and counter surfaces, and adapts to uneven spaces. Our Gap Erasers are easily customizable by simply cutting to fit sizes that are non-standard.
  • SIMPLE TO CLEAN & DISHWASHER SAFE – Our anti-dust and smudge resistant silicone design makes us unrivalled in the market, allowing you to keep the strip clean and stain free. In addition, our gap covers are dishwasher safe and easy to wipe clean with just water. Enjoy our anti-static and fingerprint resistant gap cap cover now.
  • HEAT RESISTANT AND FLEXIBLE SILICONE – Our Oven Gap Guard are made from 100% heat resistant food grade silicone, designed to withstand temperatures of up to 446F (230C). Our flexible non-slip silicone stays right where you put it, is safe to use around pets and children.Avoid direct contact with flame/pot.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Enjoy a risk free purchase and buy with confidence with our Lifetime Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase - simply return it. We stand behind our products 100%, so you can return at any point and receive a hassle-free, easy refund. Order today at no risk!

Stove Gap Covers - Stainless Steel, Kitchen Stove Counter Gap Cover Range Filler, Heat Resistant & Easy to Clean Gap Filler, Gaps Between Oven Kitchen and Counter Trim Kit for Stove Countertop (2 pcs)

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  • Safe and Super Durable: Stove gap covers stainless steel makes up for the disadvantage of silica gel cover, will not be any problems with melt and burn like silicone and adhesive, etc, there won't be any danger of overheating. Our stainless steel stove gap cover is made of premium 304 Stainless Steel. for high corrosion resistance not afraid to flame and is durable. Very safe for your cabinets and kitchen.
  • Gap Filler Guard: Our stove gap filler has adjustable three spring-loaded vertical pieces that make installation very easy, they prevent it from sliding when wiping off the counter and can fill the gap perfectly, making the gap cover of the stove perfectly integrated with the countertop of the kitchen stove. No more worries about cleaning the kitchen stove.
  • Simple Install & Easy Clean: When you get this stove edge gap cover, These are easy to install just in 10 seconds. Simply bend tabs and slip them into the gap and they stay in place. No screws or sticky tape are needed. Easy to clean on the fly, or you can pull them, wash them, dry them and replace them. Very convenient.
  • Good Looking And Affordable: Our kitchen stove counter gap cover have a wire drawing surface finish. This type of surface treatment has very beautiful and has a delicate and shiny texture. Easily match various stoves and countertops, make you stop worrying about cleaning grime in the crevice between the stove and counter or any other crevice between appliances in your home. With a great relatively cheaper affordable price to enjoy the perfect solution to fill the gap, worth every cent!
  • Kitchen Helper: Our 2 pcs oven gap guard removes is the perfect answer to preventing food, crumbs, prevent sticky liquid, and other small items from falling in between the seams of your stone countertop, and other impossible to clean places. It's a very good great helper in the kitchen, saving your time and minimizing cleaning efforts. Nice stove counter gap cover stainless steel gifts!

Gap Filler for Stove and Counter, Kitchen Stove Counter Gap Cover Silicone Gap Cover Between Stove and Counter 21 Inches Stove Gap Filler Heat Resistant Cover Easy Clean Black

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  • 【Gap filler for stove and counter】Stove gap filler 21 inch help clear the hard-to-clean debris and litter.Silicone gap filler for stove is dishwasher safe, high temperature resistant 320℃, but do not come into direct contact with the fire source.The kitchen gap covers strips are matte shades not glossy shades.
  • 【Good material】Our kitchen stove counter gap cover is heat-resistant silicone.Not melt without direct contact with the fire source.Silicone gap cover between stove and counter 21 inches, which fits most stove gap and kitchen counter gap filler can be cut to fit length. Cook stove gap filler helps you save time on cleaning.
  • 【Perfect fit】Stove gap covers are multiple colors available to perfectly fit the gap of the stove without destroying the overall color structure.Stove counter gap cover 21 inch is widely applicable length and silicone material allows us to cut the gap cover for stove and counter as needed.Stove tops of the same height can better place the slit bars.
  • 【Easy Use Easy Clean】Just put the suitable length of stove gap covers on the stove and stove gap cover prevents fine particles and liquids from entering crevices, reducing cleaning difficulty and time.Silicone gas stove gap covers are easy clean, reusable and cost-effective.Good gap cover tape that help with kitchen work.
  • 【Guarantee】We are committed to providing better services.You will receive 2*21inch kitchen gap covers strips.If you are not satisfied with the strips for stove counter gap you can ask for a re-ship or refund.We will make it right!

TrueGem Stove Gap Covers, 23.4" - 316 Stainless Steel. Salt will not corrode like 304 stainless steel or aluminum. Stovetop to counter filler. Guard spills on countertop. Range trim kit. 1 pair.

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  • Made of 316 "marine" Stainless Steel. Will not corrode from salt like 304 stainless steel or aluminum covers. Will not melt like silicone covers.
  • NO SHARP EDGES: Beautiful, consistently rounded top edge is a result of die cutting (not laser cut). Bottom outer edge is carefully rounded by hand and inspected twice to ensure no burrs or sharp feeling.
  • BEAUTIFUL ADDITION TO KITCHEN: Brushed finish matches other kitchen appliances. Looks like it is supposed to be there. Does not look like a floppy guard for a clumsy chef.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Just push it into oven side gap. No sticky tape or hardware required to install.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: Integrated springs prevent it from sliding when wiping off the counter. Easy to remove for cleaning.

Stove Gap Covers Stainless Steel stove gap filler range trim kit Between Oven and Countertop Dishwasher Dryer Heat Resistant and Easy to Clean (23'4 Mirror black,1 Pair)

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  • 【Easy to Install】:No need for tools, Flat faces the integrated stove and is buckled on the countertop. The buckle design is not easy to fall off.
  • 【Heat resistant and easy to clean】 : the furnace gap cover is made of stainless steel, which makes up for the shortcomings of silica gel cover and will not burn and melt. No rust, easy to clean, after taking out can be washed or wiped with a wet cloth.
  • 【Suitable for Different Gaps】:The stainless steel furnace gap cover is suitable for a gap of 2mm - 19mm between the furnace and the table.
  • 【Perfect Fit with Stove Top】:The gap cover of the stove is perfectly integrated with the countertop of the kitchen stove. No more worries about cleaning the kitchen stove. Make you feel that it is a good decoration for the kitchen.
  • 【Service】:They are a great addition to the kitchen and make a wonderful gift! If you have any questions about our stove gap covers, please contact our customer service team promptly to give you a satisfactory answer.

Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover, 2 Pack 25 inch Heat Resistant Kitchen Stove Counter Silicone Gap Filler Cover Seals Spills Between Counter Stovetop Oven Washer Dryer and Washing Machine

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as of February 7, 2023 9:58 pm


  • 【High Quality】: Our stove gap cover has anti-static function which the dust adhered to it can be easily cleaned. It also has good recoverability, so it not prone to creases.
  • EAST TO INSTALL: The oven gap fillers stay in place on all countertop perfectly. The non-slip glossy backside and the flexible silicone conforms to your stove and counter surfaces and adapts to any uneven spaces.
  • Sits perfectly in place, the flexible silicone gap cover conforms to stove and counter surfaces (even if they are uneven) and may be easily cut to fit non-standard sizes
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL – Our universal 25 inch gap covers sit perfectly in place on all stovetops. The non-slip flexible silicone conforms to your stove and counter surfaces and adapts to any uneven spaces. Easily customize to your stove by cutting to size using scissors.
  • 【Wide Use】Silicone gap covers are suitable for gaps in kitchens and bathrooms or any other place in your house. For example, stovetops, office desks and wash sink. With the stylish design, the gap covers are well integrated into the modern kitchen.

Mofason Stove Gap Covers, Kitchen Silicone Oven Gap Filler – 21 Inches Countertop Strips Gap Guard, Easy to Clean (Black)

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as of February 7, 2023 9:58 pm


  • NO DIRT BETWEEN GAP: Mofason stove counter gap cover helps you save your cleaning time in the kitchen. No more worries about the hard to clean gunk and debris that gets stuck in the gap between your stove and countertop, or any other gaps in your household.
  • EAST TO INSTALL: The stove gap filler stay in place on all countertop perfectly. The non-slip glossy backside and the flexible silicone conforms to your stove and counter surfaces and adapts to any uneven spaces.
  • EASY TO CUT: The silicone gap stoves covers are made of soft and flexible silicone. Easily cut to fit non-standard size or shorter place. We have 21" and 25" long size for your choice,suitable for 0.2-1.3 inch wide gap,please measure the slit width and length before purchasing.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The matte smooth surface design makes it easy to clean. Heat resistant up to 460 F. Wipe the dirt with a damp cloth, or just toss it in the dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our stove crack guards is made from premium 100% food grade silicone, this stove side gap guards is BPA free, non-toxic. If there is any quality issue about the product, you can apply 100% refund after return them back within 30 days. (Avoid direct contact with the open flame)

SEVCHY Silicone Stove Gap Covers (2 pack), Heat Resistant Silicone Stove Counter Guard Cabinet Gap Filler Seal the gap between Oven Kitchen Cabinet and Stove Countertop Easy Clean (21 inch, Black)

$8.99  in stock
as of February 7, 2023 9:58 pm


  • 【COVER THE GAP】- USA popular stove gap covers which seal the gap between oven kitchen cabinet and stove counter top help you stop worry about how hard to clean the dirts in the gap between the stove and the counter, or any other gaps between your household appliances at your home.
  • 【FOOD GRADE & HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE】- Stove guard made of premium food-grade and heat resistant silicone material, to bring you better life experience with healthy and safety. The gap covers will not melt or be out of shape withstands up to 446℉ (230℃). But avoid direct contact with flame/pan.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】- We have two sizes in 21’’ and 25’’, which will sit perfectly in place on most of the stoves. By any case you need different sizes, it’s easy to cut to fit the stoves by using scissors. The non-slip flexible silicone bottom conforms to your stove and counter surfaces, and adapts to even the uneven spaces.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】– Our matte anti-dust and smudge resistant idea on top allowing you to keep your gap cover clean and tidy. Our stove gap fillers are easy to wipe clean by using a damp cloth and you may also put it in dishwasher.
  • 【AFTER SALES SERVICE】– We stand behind all of our products so you can enjoy a risk-free purchase and buy with satisfactions. Any questions with your purchase? Contact with us and we will provide with our solutions immediately, or alternatively with a hassle free full refund.

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Factors You Should Consider Before Buying stove countertop gap

There are many different variables you need to be thinking about before getting as well as mounting a Cooktop. We are going to undergo them now to guarantee you make the best decision.


By dimension we do not simply suggest the apparent measurements, despite the fact that these must be remembered, we indicate the warmth result. A stoves warmth output is measured is kilowatts as well as the greater the number the more warm it will certainly create. So therefore, the bigger your room the more warm you require. To about compute what kilowatt you need, use our handy calculator– all you need are the measurements of your room.

Although, the kilowatt size is the most vital, you require to also take into consideration the real dimensions of the oven you wish to buy. As lots of do, the range will certainly have to match a fireplace so make sure you determine this very first before getting a range.


Among the main aspects is following building guidelines. You might have an idea where to place your range however if this doesn’t accompany the Building Regulations you have no chance. These regulations are to regulate just how much room is left around the stove, where the flue exits the building, how close are your own as well as your neighbor’s home windows to this and also the size and material of the fireplace


Make you certain you prepare where your range is going to be positioned to permit room between the heat and flammable products you might have in the room. Dependent on what oven you select, you might need to consider the brands have recommend regarding the spaces that need to be left in between the walls and also the oven.


Do you need a Defra Approved Cooktop? If you know the solution is yes, then take a look with our different brands to find yourself the best one. Fortunately, as a result of the boost of areas coming to be smoke regulated, the brands have recognised this and also generated a great deal even more stoves to choose from. So, you should not lack choices!


Now this could look like an apparent one, however there are just 2 options. If you have a chimney this is noticeable location to have a range installed. Yet if you do not, you will need to take into consideration a twin wall flue system that will run through your building internally or on the surface.


Now to determine what you intend to shed, just timber or other electric fuels. If just wood appropriates then you have a large choice of timber burning cooktops to pick from. If you are interested in melting various other electric fuels, after that you will certainly need a multifuel range. However bear in mind to keep in mind that if you remain in smoke controlled location you will certainly need to melt timber or DEFRA excluded fuels.


In most individuals’s minds the budget is the first thing that is mosting likely to impact the selection of stove. Luckily, there are hundreds of brand names around that provide you alternatives whether you intend to invest $ 200 or ₤ 200.


Allow’s come down to the great things, design. Currently you need to ask yourself these concerns– do you desire standard or modern, free-standing or inset? In any case you are going to have several options.
Brand is additionally something you should think about. As humans, we have a tendency to go with devices that originate from a popular brand as they are well known for a factor. But bear in mind these often cost more which is sickening when you can obtain a magnificent high-quality cooktop from a less recognized brand name for half the rate.

STOVE / stove countertop gap FAQs

Is it called a oven or oven?

There is a great deal of confusion bordering the above cooking area devices as many individuals commonly describe a cooktop as an stove. An stove is a chamber for food preparation without exterior burners, a range is a cooking home appliance without an stove and a array is commonly a combination of both

What is a stove used for?

What is a cooktop? A stove is a noun that describes “a portable or fixed apparatus that furnishes warmth for heat or food preparation.” Stoves generally use coal, oil, gas, timber, or power as a resource of power

Exactly how would you define a stove?

A cooktop is a device that sheds gas or uses electricity to produce warmth inside or in addition to the apparatus. It has seen numerous advancements with time and offers the primary function of cooking food. There are many sorts of cooktops, such as the kitchen stove, the wood-burning range or the coal cooktop.

Which is better, a steel or actors iron stove?

If you’re talking about a top quality steel bodied range versus a high quality cast iron stove after that, offering the cooktop is used according to the supplier’s directions, it really does not matter. Low quality cast iron ovens have a credibility for cracking and poor quality steel bodied ovens have a reputation for warping.

Just how very easy is it to use a range?

They’re easy to make use of in all and you’ll swiftly obtain used to getting the most effective from your oven if you follow the manufacturer’s directions. Contrasted to lighting an open fire, lighting a cooktop is quicker and also much easier, as well as being far more predictable due to the control you have more than the combustion air.

What is a heat storage stove?

Wood melting cooktops have constantly had a warm storage space aspect originated from their standard cast iron building and construction. What very early stove-makers uncovered is that cast iron is not just solid sufficient to take the intense heat from a range fire chamber, but cast iron’s thermal mass also supplies warm long after the oven is out. It is among the great advantages of standard ovens that has been decreased somewhat over the generations due to changing designs of cooktop building as well as our reliance on central heating to give comfortable background warm in our homes. Nevertheless, the boosting expense of power, better home insulation, and environmental concerns have urged a reassessment of the advantages that heat up storage space from wood-burning cooktops can offer the modern home.

Can I set up a cooktop myself?

The actual setup of the cooktop is generally not rocket science and also one of the most sensible DIYers can take care of a lot of it without much trouble. If you’re okay with heights when it comes to going down a liner down the smokeshaft. Nonetheless, in our opinion, and also we just state this with your safety and security in mind, it is constantly best to leave the range installment to a specialist installer that will have experience mounting hundreds of ovens in addition to performing correct spill and security tests in virtually every kind of scenario. If you do the setup on your own, you should make sure that it adheres to all present structure policies as well as additionally submit the installment for examination by your local authority.

Should I pick a multi fuel or a wood burning range?

Many conventional glowing multi-fuel cooktops are developed and also tested to shed wood as successfully and also effectively as various other strong or mineral fuels. For years stoves being created in the UK as well as Irish markets were configured for numerous gas heaters due to the fact that, rather merely, with our substantial accumulation of economical coal, we have constantly been a nation of charcoal stoves.

Where can I obtain extra components for my range?

The first thing you require to do is to choose the make and model, and if you have it, we will install it. Once you have these, it will be reasonably very easy to locate parts for many ranges, either from your original cooktop dealership, cooktop distributor, or firms that concentrate on cooktop components like ours, Cooktop Parts.

After reading this article about stove countertop gap, you must remain in a position to discover your perfect cooktop!

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